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St. Paul’s Church
Location: Payson, AZ
Firm: Modal Design

The design of the new Saint Paul’s Church resolves the congregation’s desire for inspiring architecture in an expanded campus setting with the necessity to construct within the
most efficient, cost-effective method possible. Located in a small town 90 miles north of Phoenix, the congregation determined their existing facilities would not support their increase in membership and showed an interest in creating rentable community space. The result was a phased design strategy for a multi-building campus to serve their needs future needs.

The design incorporates three free-standing structures (Parish Hall, Sanctuary and Educational Classrooms) and utilizes a steel frame building system often used for industrial
buildings. By manipulating traditional roof forms and working within the constraints of the steel frame building, a hybrid for emerged that highlights the programmatic adjacencies and the church’s values of community, sanctuary, education and spirituality.

This project was completed while working at Modal Design. Visit them to see more of their amazing work.